Welcome to the Reviews Home Page

Welcome to The Reviews Home Page!

This site is dedicated to anyone seeking to learn more about Higher Laws.  What you’ll get here is an attendee’s perspective.  No one company or person is perfect, but the question remains:

“Is Higher Laws, it’s products, seminars, and programs worth investing in?”


My intent is to provide a balanced review of Higher Laws and Brandon Broadwater pros and cons.  This information will give you a basic perspective on the different products and programs he offers.

I’ve relied heavily on 3rd party credibility reviews to make sure that I know that what I’m investing my time, money, and energy in “works”, period.  When I buy online I always check out Amazon reviews or when I want to make sure a hotel isn’t shoddy, TripAdvisor has made a massive difference.

This quote made me laugh, but there is so much truth in it:

“The consumer is not a moron; she is your wife.” – David Ogilvy


Hopefully this  review site can be a place for you to find out the answers you need to decide if Higher Laws is for you.

Enjoy the site!

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