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Educator, Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Innovation Brandon Broadwater has dedicated his life to helping people discover and put into action the resources, tools, and strategies that create extraordinary results and amazing levels of personal fulfillment. Over the last decade, he has directly impacted the lives of people with his work in financial education, leadership psychology, negotiation, and peak performance. Brandon is the creator of The Abundance Game as a human training tool to provide financial education and principle centered empowerment. The Abundance Game has received an enthusiastic worldwide response because it combines both education for financial success and spiritual principles in a way that greatly empowers each player's life. People worldwide (in over 14 countries) have joined Brandon and he currently offers his teachings by live events, audio programs, online media, and The Abundance Game. Through involvement with Higher Laws and The Abundance Game, many people say their lives have never been the same. Brandon is also the author of The Higher Laws of Money.


One untold secret to relationships that will absolutely blow your mind! For Partners and Singles…

One untold secret to relationships that will absolutely blow your mind!  For Partners and Singles…

Have you ever had times in a relationship where you wondered, “Why couldn’t it be exciting like when it first started?”

What was it in those beginning memories that made the connection powerful and thrilling?  Or maybe you just might hope for a small piece of that spark to return.


I’m so grateful for Brandon Broadwater sharing with me one thing that now has truly unlocked a secret that can make any relationship an amazing experience.

It’s so unreal, that during periods of my marriage, when I didn’t have this in place, things slowly turned from romance to roommate.  We’d exist around each other, but there was no actual interest in the relationship amongst the circumstances and busyness of life.  I remember actually thinking to myself, “Maybe I’m a failure as a husband, and things won’t actually ever work out or in the least get better.”  I even had the knowledge to change things but I didn’t take action on it!  I failed to be present and curious what was going on in my wife’s world, and I wondered why things were so hard seemingly everywhere in my life.


At one point, I had to make a decision, I had to turn off my pouty face and say, “I’m going to do this 100% – something has to change, and it’s got to start with me!”

I experienced a brand new level of love and joy in my relationships this week that I never could’ve imagined.  I not only touched the heart of my wife, but I saw in her this excitement in her eyes (as I felt it) and she constantly wanted to ask me: “What can I do that would really brighten your day?  How can I help you with what you would love to do?”

It was amazing.  And the best part, I knew that “EVERYONE” could do it.

The tool is called “Bright Futures”

Brandon Broadwater said:

“Without a Bright Future, your relationships will die.”

 A bright future is exactly what it looks like, “a scheduled activity that both persons are mutually excited about and looking forward to doing together.”  It can literally be anything!  Here’s some examples:

  • Attend a concert
  • $0.99 ice cream cones and picnic
  • Hike a picturesque trail
  • Make a meal together
  • Go on a bike ride


Imagine, if you did a bright future a week – that would be 52 awesome memories you would create a year.  What would your relationship look like?  How would it look after doing that for 25 years?  Who will this influence in the process?

So here’s what you got to do to create a bright future:

Step 1 – decide who you want to create a bright future with and ask them

Step 2 – ask them “When do you want to make time to do something fun together?”

Step 3 – Brainstorm ideas – give each other 3 options of what might be a fun activity together – be proactive and offer your ideas 1st, if they don’t like them, the rule is they have to offer 3 ideas – keep going until you find one you both like – I like to ask myself, “What did we do that worked really well in the past/recently?”

If you’re feeling stuck, Google Search “Fun Ideas” to build some momentum

Step 4 – Schedule the date & time

Step 5 – (If you have kids) – Make sure a babysitter is planned EARLY in advance – this can cancel bright futures if not arranged – get creative if you think you don’t know any “What might we do differently to get couples time alone?”

Step 6 – Prepare any logistics in advance – Gas, Tickets, Sports Equipment, whatever is going to help the experience ‘flow’.

Step 7 – Show up & Have Fun

PS – make sure you minimize your screen time distractions to almost zero (only exception is if you have a babysitter you want to have contact with)

I promise you that as you go through this process, you’ll find new excitement, opportunities to connect, and love towards your relationships!  This works!!

Enjoy your Bright Futures!





3 Mind Hacks to Jump Over “The Edge”

3 Mind Hacks to Jump Over “The Edge”

Have you ever just wanted to conquer fear?  Or actually feel like achieving a dream wasn’t just a fluffy idea, but a blueprint you could create?

I was studying one of Brandon Broadwater’s lesson that has helped me go from a place of fear and doubt, to one of real hope and action.

It’s call “The Edge” – that in between space of fear/discomfort and action.  The Edge is all around us, it’s often made with very tiny decisions that hinge incredible results:

Anne Sullivan refuses to give up on her blind and deaf student, Helen Keller, and helps her become literate.  Helen goes on to attend University.

the edge

Michael Jordan tries out again after being cut from his High School basketball team.  His perseverance and hard work earn him an NBA National Champion and MVP multiple times.

the edge

Martin Luther King Jr. speaks “I’ve Been to the Mountain Top” despite numerous death threats.  He influences significant momentum towards racial equality.

the edge

Steve Jobs decides to continue pursuing his passion after being fired by the company he created – only to return and take Apple to a new renaissance of technology.  He and his team create ground-breaking digital animation’s films like Toy Story.

the edge

Each of these individuals faced immense challenges.  But what is the difference in their results?

How did they respond to the edge, that made the measurable difference?

And perhaps, the greater question, how might we replicate what they thought in those moments?

From reading their works, and practicing it on my own, there are 3 specific Mind Hacks – that work in helping jump over that edge.

1) Momentum – most home runs or big breakthroughs are the byproduct of lots of little things done with excellence.

Power Question: What is one little thing you can do that would take less than 3 minutes that would build momentum towards that result?

2) Remember – “I forgot” is the degenerative cancer of lost dreams and opportunities.

Power Questions:  A motivational coach, speaking to a group of Olympians asked two questions:

“How many of you have written your goals down?”

“How many of you have your goals with you right now?”

What visual cue do you have with your right now to remind you of your goals?  (You can find more about this from the book “The Power of Habit”)

3) Consistency – my piano teacher once told me, “10 minutes a day of practice is infinitely more powerful than 3 hours of practice in one day.”

Power Question: What is one action I can easily do consistently to build momentum towards this result?

Remember this quote from Jeff Olson that defines how our response to the edge will influence our direction in this life:

“Those who choose to be comfortable now, will be uncomfortable later, those who choose to be uncomfortable now, will be comfortable later.”

Enjoy taking on the Edge!  Sow the actions, reap the results!    Have fun 🙂