Brandon Broadwater, A Scam?

Brandon Broadwater, a Scam?  Find Out Right Here…


Nobody ever wants to be misled into investing time, money, or energy into something that ultimately gives no return.  I’ve also been deluded into buying things I didn’t want.  It hurts, and creates an immense feeling of distrust.

“It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.” – Will Rogers (famous American actor)

I certainly felt this way being influenced into another seminar, this one by a gentleman named Brandon Broadwater, and my friend had very clear, unmistakable results, but part of me said, “Well, maybe you’re just a special exception, and that situation doesn’t apply to my circumstances…”

Some people when they think of the word “seminar” frequently and rightfully ask the question “Is this a get-rich-quick seminar?”  Most people know that such seminars ask for high investments into programs that offer very little returns.  They wonder if it actually works.

So, again, I come back to the original question that some people have honestly, but without experience, ask: “Is Brandon Broadwater a scam?”

The short answer is absolutely not.  I’ve witnessed too many results (including my own) that have come as a result of implementing the principles, skills, and tools of Higher Laws.  Here’s a short list of 5 common categories where I’ve personally witnessed friends, families, and participants see results at Brandon Broadwater’s seminars:

1) Suicidal/Depressed persons recovering to a fully self-reliant, contributing community members

2) Marriages on the edge of divorce, gradually blossoming back into an enduring, passionate friendship, or regaining hope after divorce to date again, receive love, and be an inspiration to others striving for relationships

3) Financial burdens ranging from $18,000 – $250,000 being eliminated in less than 2 years

4) Being offered multiple job opportunities after using the skills of influence

5) Attitude shifts from victim to proactivist – “Why me?  Why me?” to “What must I do to change?  How can I make things even better?”  They find reasons to be smile, be grateful, serve someone that day,

Do people who attend Brandon’s events still suddenly live problem-free?  No.  Do they still experience challenges?  Absolutely.  Do they have days that are crazy?  Most likely.  People that come to these events looking for a quick fix will likely be disappointed.  As Brandon Broadwater states at the conclusion of his event,

“The key to success is practice.”


I know for myself, after the excitement, the lights, the energy, the loud thumping music, I was back at home.  The environment shift is day and night.  But, I had knowledge.  Brandon Broadwater had given me new choices.  New choices = new outcomes.  And I knew I had to make a decision who I was going to be after the event:

There’s typically three categories of people that I’ve seen come out of Brandon Broadwater’s seminars:

1) Skeptical, don’t attempt to implement anything they’ve learned and thus, life stays the same.  They conclude the information useless.  Typically leave the 1st or 2nd day.

2) Willing, and excited, people attempt to practice what they were taught for only a short period 2-4 weeks and discontinue.  Forget the material, and discount the information as “doesn’t work.”

3) Willing, excited, and careful planners who work hard and consistently to implement the knowledge they learned into their daily routines.  They make specific plans to remember, they create accountability with a community, and strive daily discipline so that they don’t ever fall back into old patterns.  These people get results.

This doesn’t just apply after the first event.  One big edge that most people have – is that advanced courses are offered typically during Day 3 of Brandon Broadwater’s “Master Your Power Within” Event.  People have all kinds of mixed emotions when someone starts putting price tags up on an opportunity:


“Why does he have to sell something if he’s so rich?!”

“I’d want to go, but financially, I’m not sure if I can do it.”

“I’m in.  I want more.”

“This is an answer to a prayer,”

These reactions, from my opinion, aren’t so much about someone offering an opportunity that has a price attached, as much as it about how someone faces an edge, a moment of decision where the best, courages part of their self gets drawn out, or the worst, unresourceful part of themselves takes the steering wheel.

I know I can speak from experience that I know this stuff works.  I’ve practiced and lived it for over 2 years.  But it’s come with all the same attributes and skills our exemplary farmer friends exhibit:

Hard work.  Smart work.  Patience.  Trust.  Persistence.  Team work.  Diligence.  Hope.  Not giving up on the process.

brandon broadwater practice

I trust Brandon Broadwater.  He’s given me more freedom back into my life than I ever would have imagined.  If you want results, he will surely help you along that journey.  But, only you can decide that for yourself.

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One thought on “Brandon Broadwater, A Scam?

  1. This was a great post and reminded me of my first impression of Brandon Broadwater as I attended my first event – Master Your Power Within.

    I sat in my seat listening to Brandon and ultimately judging him in many different ways. I did commit to to give him a fair chance and look for the good and the bad. It would be unfair for me to expect absolute perfection from him because no human being, even if you’re a public figure, is perfect.

    It didn’t take long for me to come to the conclusion — Brandon is genuine, whole
    hearted, and full of integrity.

    Ultimately…His actions match his words.

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