Master Your Power Within

The most popular of Brandon Broadwater’s events.

Done most commonly in the United States and Canada, Master Your Power Within is a 3-day event, covering Money, Influence, and Relationships.  This was my very first event, back then, it was titled “The Answer To Everything.”  I can only assume Brandon changed the title to convey more of how change on the inside influences our external results.

I’m not going to firehose you on everything that happens – but rather share what I loved, what I think requires work and give you tips on how you can make it a better experience.

One experience you’ll love at the event is the interaction you get with other participants.  Brandon will share a lesson that’s empowered his success, and then frequently ask the audience “Please discuss with your partner, what is your lesson?”  Music is cued on, and then I discussed with my partner.  I loved this, because it gave me a change to digest the information and hear it from my partner’s perspective.  This increased my enjoyment of the knowledge because I either got a story, different perspective, or new impression to help me forward with what I wanted.  This is a great way to make friends, network, and enjoy the journey with like-minded people.

“Master Your Power Within” has shifted dramatically in it’s performance.  I remember in prior events, it was hard to gauge when each day would end..  It would sometimes run till midnight or later, with little idea of when meal breaks would be.  Now, Brandon has tightened up his presentation.  You can expect lunch generally between 12:30pm-2:00pm, and Dinner 5:00pm – 6:30pm, so bring ample snacks if Brandon decides to cover more content.

One of my biggest challenges with the seminar is that although there are some superb skills and tools offered.  Some of the principles and ideas are so general that it can leave a person a little lost.  The challenge is that, some of the ideas, require a specific process, that varies for different people in different locations.  For example, on Day 1, you’ll learn about a money management tool called “Prosperity Accounts”, that requires use of a bank or credit union, where rules will differ in terms of banking rules, banking fees, limit of # of accounts, contracts, etc.  Though they work (I’ve done it myself), and the system works excellently, it requires that you individually dig for the solution.  This happened to me at different points along the seminar, where I got the awareness, but I wasn’t clear about how to apply the information.  Granted I’m a very linear thinking type guy (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3) – but after so many seminars I came to the conclusion, “The principle is pointing me in this direction, I need to figure out the process to get on the road, and maybe others in my area can replicate that success too.”  To be fair, there’s other principles they’ll give you the exact Step-by-step process on how to do it, but for others, you’ll need to be resourceful and find out what works best for you.

Day 2 – you’ll go through a visual meditation that compares the two sides of our character: The Lion and Hyena.  My advice: bring a yoga mat, or some kind of comfortable surface as you’ll be laying down for around 30-40 minutes.  If you’ve got back laying issues, just sit in your chair.  Be careful though, some people have gotten too comfortable, fall asleep, and miss out on the experience.  Try to get some comfortable distance from the speakers as at points their is epic music that climaxes and can be a little too loud for comfort.

Day 3 – The Relationship stuff is awesome!!  Love it, love it, love it.  This was a big key for me because I was a clueless husband doing everything on earth to try and hit my wife’s heart, and sometimes it worked, but this stuff is solid.  Very actionable right away.  Easily one of my favourite days of the event.

This day is also one of mixed emotions, because it’s where Brandon offers advanced courses, and a whole lot of them!  A whole package deal called the “Prosperity Pass” is offered that contains 3 events:

University 101 – 2 Courses:

  • Relationship Mastery
  • Mastering Influence

University 202 – 3 Courses:

  • Ultimate Health
  • Ultimate Wealth
  • Leadership

University 303 – 4 Courses

  • Ultimate Real Estate
  • Mastering Leadership
  • Ultimate Mastery (Lots of Ultimates here…)
  • Family Mastery

I’ve attended all these courses, some I loved more than others, but they each carried tremendous value.  Brandon offers one of the courses Relationship Mastery for about about $7500 USD (currency is important for Canadian buyers) and actually offers each of the courses for free. or they offer weekly payment plans you’ll be looking at around $45-50 USD/week to eventually pay off the $7,500 USD for the 3 years.

To give you an idea of price comparisons from other course reviewers:

  • With the Rich Dad company I personally paid $3,500 USD for Real Estate 6 coaching sessions and access to online products – with other courses ranging from $15,000$45,000 USD
  • Tony Robbins offers Business Mastery and Mastery University $10,000 USD ‘each’
  • T Harv. Ecker’s Millionnaire Mind Intensives can go from one course at $4,000 USD to $15,000 USD for multiple courses

My conclusion: Brandon’s courses are fairly priced and discounted considerably from what the industry offers.

Now, keep in mind you still need to account flights, hotel, car rental/taxi/shuttle and food into the events.  But this would be standard with almost any other course.  Just keep these costs in mind so you know what to expect.  Most of them are either in St. George, UT or Pasadena, CA – both beautiful picturesque locations and have palm trees – I prefer Pasadena, CA.  Brandon does make an attempt to strive to get the cheapest international airports in the country LAX and LAS.  Give yourself time before and after the event to make it a vacation if you can.  Both locations afford beautiful scenery and fun activities!


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