What are Higher Laws?

What are Higher Laws?


There are two primary references to Higher Laws from Brandon Broadwater:

1) Brandon refers to Higher Laws in his events as “Principles That Create Results

2) Higher Laws LLC as the United States based for-profit self-development business

Part 1 Continued

To illustrate what Higher Laws are, Brandon makes a comparison case: The Laws of Gravity vs Lift.  Though both laws always existed, it wasn’t until man discovered the Higher Law of Lift and implemented that law, that changed history.  Especially leveraging lift with aircraft; our capacity to travel, fight, and see the world from a new perspective shifted dramatically.  The laws creates new freedom and choices in speed, time, and energy.

Brandon’s event content focuses on the topics below:

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Influence
  • Leadership
  • Business
  • Real Estate

Brandon teaches that Higher Laws exist regardless of circumstances – they can be applied at any time, in any situation, by anyone.  They stand as the foundation upon which strategies can be built and adapted (he argues strategies by themselves though helpful, have a shelf life, and eventually become expired).

Part 2 Continued – Higher Laws LLC was founded as a self-empowerment coaching seminar company in 2004 and has since produced numerous products and seminars of which have included:

  • The Abundance Game (2007 released)
  • Personal Assessment (an online assessment that is valued at $250 that first timers can do for free – gives you an automated profile of strengths and weaknesses)
  • Abundance Online Radio (last updated
  • The Prosperity Paradox – Brandon’s Upcoming Book – though online the old title still exists “The Answer to Everything”
  • The Higher Laws of Money (Business Trainings)
  • Higher Laws Blogs
  • Higher Laws 1 Day Evening Presentations (currently discontinued)
  • Multiple Coaching Programs specializing in Relationships, Influence, Women Only
  • Master Your Power Within (the company’s flag ship event)
  • University 101 (contains 2 courses – 5 Days)
    • Mastering Influence
    • Relationship mastery
  • University 202 (contains 3 courses – 5 Days)
    • Ultimate Health
    • Ultimate Wealth
    • Leadership
  • University 303 (contains 3 courses – 4 Days)
    • Mastering Leadership
    • Ultimate Real Estate
    • Ultimate Mastery
    • Family Mastery
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